11 Dec

Your Guide to Twitter for Marketing

Your guide to Twitter: Twitter may not be as big as Facebook when it comes to counting its traffic but it surely has many other advantages over the former. It is easy to gain followers on the Twitter platform and also you can have people get engaged with your business even before they have become […]

10 Dec

How the Blog Commenting Turn into Marketing Moves

About the blogging arena: A lot of us in the field of marketing on the internet have developed a love-hate relationship with the idea of having the blog comments leveraged as a part of the marketing strategy. On one hand this is known for bringing participation which is valuable and also content to the sites […]

08 Dec

Get your Visitors Stick to your Blog

Knowing about blogging: For any blogger, especially a beginner, it is a great thing if he/she is provided with some blog tips. A blog can be for anything; it can be a food blog and then you need to know how to set it up, get a lot of advanced tips which are aimed at […]

05 Dec

Getting Traffic to your Blog through Social Media Sites

Traffic matters and social media can bring it to you: Traffic can be said as the life of a blog. What is a blog without a traffic following and reading its posts? So, if you don’t have traffic to your site, you really don’t exist. A lot of people depend on the powerful search engines […]

04 Dec

Twitter and using Commun.it

Twitter has indeed become a platform which is often favored more than other social media platforms. It is a nice place to engage and mainly as you don’t need to wait till someone follows you for communicating with that person. Also the updates are fast to read and also can be sent within 140 characters. […]