17 Mar

A Short Discussion on Voice Search which should be cared by Writers

Everyday more people are turning towards voice assistants to get the information what they require. According to Google, certain part of mobile search is accomplished through voice assistants while searching while looking for information what they require. By 2020, voice search would be 50% of search queries. Let us dig up the matter in depth:

First let’s talk what is not applicable

If content is written like 2011, then it would be in the dust. Long content is not always good for voice search. Google is about to manage question-oriented content in the future.

What will do the job?

Once SEO content writing was stiff, robotic and dull. SEO writing skill is required still now but your natural voice can be taken back. Content that are written in conversational tone with frequently asked questions can perform well in mobile search. It is important to omit corporate speaking style and implement “conversation with customers” like telephonic conversation is important.

Avoid Making Hurry

Sometimes users become frustrated with voice search. You may try asking Alexa a question and find that she is not ready to reply. It might end up typing the question into the Google. In many cases, technology does not support voice search.

Some Opportunities

Freelancers can avail a good number of opportunities. Those companies can be helped by looking for the conversational voice of their brand and optimization is done for the copy. Even an effective strategy could be made to fix their bad and old content.

Effectiveness of the Strategy

In-house writers have more opportunities. A good strategy includes making a list of the customer’s common questions. You may ask them to Siri or Alexa or Google Home for reply. Some queries might not be replied by them. It is important to notice the trends and get knowledge from the data. A smart technique involves making frequently asked question pages or blog posts to reply those common questions.

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