12 Mar

Google is Challenged by Facebook in Local Search

Small local businesses are benefited by the updated mobile apps of Facebook. The changes help prospective customers finding and cooperating with local businesses and coup with enhanced challenges of Google Local. Facebook is switching to becoming such a tool that is effective for everyday life of a member. It is becoming a tool gradually for reading and sharing memes. By these modifications, Facebook can now strongly challenge Google Local.

Redesigned Mobile Pages

Mobile pages of Facebook have been redesigned to make it convenient for local businesses for interacting with prospective customers. The new facets permit facebook page working like an actual web page. It becomes possible for the users to make reservations and get appointments with the mobile page of Facebook. It has also made it convenient to provide the users with offers.

Actions of Facebook

This functional action is called by Facebook. People can be able to avail a well-featured and convenient suite of action buttons. They can perform different actions like ordering a pizza, booking a slot for haircut, writing a recommendation, sending a message and others on their mobile.

More Prominent Recommendations Features

Recommendations feature is made more prominent by Facebook. This would help local businesses making recommendations among users. Facebook page includes fewer utility to get people for liking a store. By making users click on recommendation button would cause the post shared among the friends and family of the user. The recommendations are also shown on business page. It could be a strengthening motivation to believe a business when someone sees his friends and family are suggesting a business.

Events Facet get Expanded

The Facebook event facet is a good alternative for making an event and makes it visible to the users of Facebook. That business is reported by Facebook who are selling tickets of the events and have encountered a vast enhancement in selling tickets.

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