16 Mar

The rise of Contemporary B2B Marketing professionals

The growth of contemporary B2B is modifying the way that is followed by sales and marketing team for generating new business and also offer return on investment. The role of contemporary B2B marketing expert is changing fast depending on analytics, data explosion and the tools for automation. A number of companies have made surveys among their B2B marketing experts. It is done with the intention to learn more about the major challenges and also have an insight about the future of B2B marketing.

Finest trends that influence strategies are artificial intelligence, personalization and influencer marketing. According to survey almost 60% of B2B marketers think about personalization like the main trend that can impact their marketing tactics for the next one year. With an enhanced focus on using technology and data to make tailored and personalized messages, the contemporary B2B marketing is doing some crucial tasks. They are continuously optimizing and testing several marketing channels for testing the success of marketing campaigns.

Consequently, marketing budgets are not fixed. Almost 50% of marketers are allocating budgets continuously for effective channels. In numerous cases, this includes marketing budgets are enhancing. Almost 70% of the respondents expect their marketing budget for enhancing in the year.

Importance of relationship between marketing and sales is increasing with more emphasis on new conversion and return on investment from website traffic and present customers. Top leads of the funnel are no more the preferred outcome of the campaign. Marketers are given challenge for offering sales qualified or nurtured leads.

Some major findings from the survey include:

Priorities of ROI are clear with conversion rates, website traffic and obtain growth

Content marketing exist here. Like email marketing and social media, these channels are important for offering return on investment

Cooperation with colleagues is vital. As marketing becomes important for success of a business, they can take important decisions for investment.

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