Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting for enterprise websites and ecommerce portals has no alternative to it. Investing in dedicated server hosting is equal to buying full-fledged flexibility, absolute security, and full administrative control over hardware as well as networking resources, for your website. What you need to check is the quality of dedicated hosting service, and the features of dedicated hosting plans.

Why invest in dedicated hosting service of SSCSWORLD

Being a web hosting company we better understand the secure hosting needs of global enterprise websites, and accordingly offer feasible dedicated hosting service plans. Smooth running of online business operation depends on the efficient functioning of a website, and the website functionality depends on the dedicated server configuration. Our dedicated hosting server holds the key to unrestrained traffic flow, unlimited space consumption, easy accessibility and fast loading within a blink of an eye that every website owner expects to have in day-to-day business operation.

Unbreakable security

At SSCSWORLD, we facilitate the user control over the resources of and the access to the server with 100% care and attention it requires. It safeguards the hosted website ensuring unbreakable security that is a most fundamental requirement for business websites, when hacking attempts and illegal access are rife. Your security is a chief concern with us.

Assured reliability

With dedicated web hosting service at SSCSWORLD, you are allowed full flexibility to install requisite applications which are compatible with the operating system type of our dedicated server. That you website is in safe hands is an assurance for reliability.

All time technical support

At SSCSWORLD, our private data centers operate the dedicated server. Evidently, the service of our technical experts is always at hand, in time of any hardware problem or functionality issue which is rare in case of dedicated hosting. Our technical support in service to you is available the clock round.

Dedicated account manager

With a dedicated server plan from SSCSWORLD, a dedicated account manager will be allocated to you. The account manager will look after your needs, solve your queries, address your problems, and deliver the results.

Consistent tech support

At SSCSWORLD, we will provide tech support to manage and maintain the dedicated server where your website is hosted. Our aim is to assure you of the best performance and functioning of the hardware components through bandwidth monitoring, disk space management, and CPU maintenance.