Windows Server 2008 Hosting

The infrastructure of Windows Server 2008 integrating advanced web tools and technologies features increased flexibility as well as enhanced reliability for businesses. Combined with the latest virtualization tools and security enhancements, the Windows Server 2008 is a dynamic platform with the makings of an optimized datacenter. Hosting a website on this server helps save on time and cost at the same time. IIS7 is one of the most powerful tools that the Windows Server 2008 infrastructure integrates. It along with Server Manager helps with the tasks - server configuration, server maintenance, and server management.

At SSCSWORLD, the Windows Server 2008 facilitates Terminal Services through a number of innovations which are more of a solution allowing access to the individual apps installed on the host computer, not the desktop in a Terminal Server session. Fewer resources are required to utilize these applications on the client side, thereby ensuring a cut on the administration costs.

At SSCSWORLD, our Windows Server 2008 hosting service is intended to deliver rich content and heavy apps. With web content getting enhanced more and more, and the web becoming a more feasible medium of delivering business solutions, the Windows Server 2008 is becoming the center of multiple networks. IIS7 is a fitting solution for today's multimedia content - streaming videos, new-age applications, etc. IIS7 features a new-age modular design with a simple-to-use interface making administrative tasks a lot easier.