Business Email Services

Communication efficiency is a must requirement for businesses worldwide, in the present globalized age. Inefficient business operations or the operations not monitored by experts equal to increased overheads. In-house Internet communication system or email service is one of the inefficient operations which need to be managed with technological expertise. Buying professional business email service is a cost-cutting measure. It saves on expenses required for server acquisition, hardware components, software license, bandwidth, data storage and overall maintenance.

Business email service delivered by experts with the right technology and in affordable packages is the solution. SSCSWORLD is a leading industry expert offering world-class business email services - rich in feature, reliable in technology, affordable in cost and secure in application. As per the reports from IT business analysts, outsourcing of email messaging service in bulk is more cost-efficient than the in-house email service.

Efficient email management through control panel

SSCSWORLD provides admin control panel with an intuitive but simple interface to business administrators, offering them absolute control over such functions as domain management, email restriction, group management etc. The administrators can operate, monitor and manage the business email communication system efficiently through the control panel interface which is so simple to use for email administration activities.

Efficient user-groups set up and management

With our business email service, enterprise administrators can create multiple usernames for the users within the business house. The admins can easily set up user-groups, manage the groups, and establish group membership policies. Partners, customers, suppliers and others outside of the business organization can be made members of a group or groups. The admins can also monitor the incoming and outgoing email message flow. The group administrators can approve incoming messages based on their relevance, and the group members receive only the approved messages. It ensures optimum spam protection.

Efficient email policy management

With multidimensional business email service from SSCSWORLD, business admins can set email policies and implement them to facilitate control over daily email usage, flow of incoming emails, flow of outgoing emails, etc. You can set rules for incoming or outgoing mail blockage, based on certain criteria - IP address, domain name, attachment type, subject etc. The administrators can customize the email policies and configure the groups, complying with the IT standards of the organization.

Salient features of our business email service

  • Flexible email architecture with advanced API, and customizable look and feel
  • Flexibility to integrate email messaging platform with the enterprise infrastructure
  • The SSCSWORLD email service platform is designed using advanced Web technologies
  • Our custom-engineered email service with massive scalability lets you handle hundreds of user groups, thousands of members and millions of mailboxes with unmatched reliability.
  • Our experts will help you develop implementation strategy for migrating user data from one email account to the other.
  • Our multilingual messaging interface supports instant translation of email messages in several different languages, thereby facilitating international growth of the business based on multilingual communication.
  • With our business email service, you can synchronize with emails any data type - images, videos, tasks, notes, calendar, documents, SMS, and contacts - from any external source, for example mobile device to ensure a consistent flow of information across the board.