Linux Web Hosting

Web hosting service is the backbone of the IT industry. It is the platform accommodating, supporting and protecting IT operations, online businesses as well as web activities. The web hosting industry houses many hosting service providers in different categories. One of them is operating system based web hosting service which is of two major types - Linux based and Windows based.

Linux based hosting service has grown popular across the industry the world over, for being the free and open source platform. It is easy to use and flexible to be configured in keeping with the user's requirements. Linux hosting server can be customized and modified, if needed. Most Linux based software applications are freeware. Evidently, Linux hosting service is not burdensome, in terms of cost, for users.

Equipped with PHP, JAVA, MySQL, Perl and other tools of use for webmasters, Linux hosting is a feasible and feature rich web hosting solution offered by thousands of companies. However, not all of the hosting service providers back up their services with strong customer support. Nor is the service from every Linux hosting provider is a value for money solution.

Why invest in Linux hosting service of SSCSWORLD

SSCSWORLD is a leading name in the web hosting industry. The hosting services provided by SSCSWORLD are end-to-end solutions. We ensure a secure and stable environment for the websites we host on the Linux based server. A customer-oriented Linux hosting service plan designed to meet the user needs and the online security challenges is supposed to be the right one. It is exactly what we provide to our global clientele.

  • Our Linux web hosting service comes with e-commerce capabilities and support for multiple applications - live chat, Weblogs, photo galleries, discussion forums etc.
  • Our Linux hosting service plans meet all vital hosting needs - email accounts, ample disk space, databases, FTP access, WebMail, ample bandwidth, control panel access etc.
  • Our service is strengthened with high uptime level ensuring hassle-free accessibility of the hosted websites
  • Our Linux web hosting server is a powerful platform for powerful websites heavy with various applications

At SSCSWORLD, the Linux hosting service is high on the quality index of an ideal hosting service plan, based on the parameters - reliability, flexibility, security, control panel, customer support, and value for money.