Magento Development Mumbai

Magento is the most sought after and sophisticated ecommerce platform that is known especially for developing online shopping carts. Magento uses Zend, PHP and MySQL and more above it is an open source of content management system. Magento has a modular architect making it flexible than other content management systems. There are numerous control options. You are allowed to create a product catalog of your own and then update them apart from that there is feature that allows upgrading many pictures for a single product. Magento is so flexible that it also allows browsing products and catalogs and you can also filter and compare the different products. Creation of user account feature is also enabled that helps you to track the shopping history and also lets you to choose multiple currencies and language. Thus it can be said that Magento is the best example of an open source ecommerce platform for the development of online shopping cart. There are more inventory management tools available that makes it more helpful for the website owner.

We make sure that the website created by our experts give a high ROI and also help you in generation revenue that will increase the profit margin of your company. Our company is based in Mumbai and we not only provide services to companies in India but we also outsource our work to nations like Canada, UK or USA and UK.

Theme Customization Magento Development Mumbai Services:

  1. Template designing
  2. Theme customization
  3. Installing Magento
  4. Customization of Ecommerce platform
  5. Customization services from PSD to Magento
  6. SEO online Magento stores
  7. Integration of Customized shipping and payment method

Some Unique Magento Inbuilt Features:

  1. Vigorous Checkout Procedure
  2. Customization power is most
  3. Multi themes options
  4. Workflow is uninterrupted
  5. Programming is Object-Oriented
  6. Keeps your site Search Engine Friendly
  7. Debugging time is minimized
  8. Multiple currency options
  9. Multiple Language options

India Magento Development also provides the following services:

  1. YouTube Plug-in
  2. Multiple store Plug-in
  3. States Plug-in
  4. Customer Rating Plug-in
  5. Video Plug-in
  6. User Photo Plug-in
  7. Translation Plug-in
  8. Table Plug-in
  9. Twitter Plug-in
  10. Face book Plug-in
  11. Survey Plug-in
  12. Redirect Plug-in
  13. Extensive search Plug-in

These are some of the exclusive services that we provide while creating your Magento online shopping cart website.

The design and the features and the templates that are used in a website are important but at the same time we must give equal importance to the compatibility of the website. The website that is created must be compatible on all the browsers as this will make it more efficient and impress a majority of the global audience. Apart from that we also create websites that are compatible for the mobile platform and this makes our services more effective.

We provide effective services not only in India but also outsource our work to different countries and you can be assured that we will never compromise with the quality of our work and deliver it to our customers before time.

You can call us soon and avail for our exclusive Magento development that will create a website for your company that is easily navigable, user friendly, efficient and capable enough to draw traffic to the website.