Virtual Dedicated Server

Do you run a resource-consuming ecommerce website loaded with heavy applications? Do you want to keep security issues and technical problems like downtime at bay? Do you want to exercise solo control over the hosting resources and applications? Do you need privacy and dedicated access to the web server? Do you want to buy web hosting service at an affordable cost?

Virtual Private Server hosting is the one and only solution for you. It is a kind of dedicated hosting service but at lower prices than that of dedicated sever hosting. VPS web hosting is a reliable and affordable solution for startups in particular. SSCSWORLD, a leading web hosting services provider, specializes in offering featured-packed VPS hosting plans.

Why invest in VDS hosting service of SSCSWORLD

  • We provide flexibility to choose from operating systems
  • We provide Virtual Private Server with a customizable operating system
  • We provide you root access to the server and control over the resources
  • We provide access to the cPanel to facilitate installations on the VPS server
  • We provide you the freedom to host multiple domains on a single VPS platform
  • We provide dedicated IP addresses in each of our VPS hosting service plans
  • We provide free backup space to facilitate data backup in times of emergency
  • We provide free monitoring service to ensure optimal server functioning
  • We provide firewall protection to ensure unauthorized access prevention
  • We provide 24-hour tech support to get you the best of our VPS hosting service
  • We provide guarantee for uptime and fast-loading of your website

At SSCSWORLD, we offer free VPS hosting account setup service to our customers from different sectors across the industry. Our web hosting services retail value for money. Investment in our VPS services is an investment for data backup facility, server privacy, online security, and optimum website performance.