SEO Consulting Services

Diagnosis comes first, and then treatment follows. It holds true for the Internet marketing industry where SEO solutions are prescribed on the basis of website analysis. You need to consult a SEO analyst prior to deciding on hiring SEO services or buying a SEO service package from a company for your website.

At SSCSWOLRD, we are a group of SEO consultants offering specialized consulting services and suggesting solutions for small businesses as well as ecommerce enterprises. Our SEO consulting services are an expert guidance on

  • How to get indexed in search engines.
  • How to get noticed hugely online
  • How to reach out to target audience
  • How to convert leads into sales
  • How to beat competitors
  • How to achieve the defined ROI goals.

First of all, we analyze a website and its on-page factors from various perspectives. We identify the issues with on-page factors - interface design, Meta tags, page title, interface navigability, etc.

We check if there is any canonical issue holding the website back from reaching high in search engines. We check if the website has robot txt file, XML sitemap, etc.

We check the internal link structure of the website and if there is any broken links. We analyze the website content, evaluate its relevance, and check it for originality.

We check if the overall website design is search engine friendly and user friendly, and if there is any issue with IP address.

Based on the SEO score derived from the initial analysis, we specify solutions to clients for improving their websites' position in major search engines.