31 Dec

Low Quality Content Redefined by Google

Quality guidelines are updated by Google recently. It involves latest information about the evaluation of low quality web pages. Among the changes made according to the Google guidelines, the parts on web page quality got the most
important updates. Quality rater rules are the collection of policies which are followed by Google’s quality assessment professionals. They follow it while checking the performance of algorithms of Google manually. They might push out an
algorithm update which can affect webpage ranking negatively.

How low quality content is identified by quality rater guidelines of Google?

As par the quality guidelines of Google, low quality web pages do not have mark on what they are meant to get. There are two reasons behind this. There might not be main content for satisfying the reader completely. The content writer might lack professional
knowledge in the subject they have written about.

Now let us know the difference between changed guidelines of low quality content and the past guidelines. Quality would be taken as low by Google even the webpage is meant for serving a valuable reason. Professional raters are given instructions for
rating a webpage as low depending on following criteria:

Insufficient level of authoritativeness, expertise and trustworthiness

Low quality main content

The ads are distracted from the main content

Not sufficient main content for the use of the webpage

Less amount of information about the content creators or website for the function of the webpage

Negative impression about the content maker or the website depending on thorough research of reputation

Numerous low-quality attributes and a lower rating

The heading or title of the main content is not impressive

Articles with poor heading are considered as low quality content not considering quality of the main content. Let us roundup other changes that also indicate low quality webpage:

Thorough research is needed for checking the reputation of the content writer

A lowest quality page while the purpose of the webpage that cannot be assessed

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