31 Dec

Search Engine Optimization, know the visibility of your business

It has some great features which are so much helpful for the good business:

In this 21st century, we are using so many things which has changed our life in a different way. With the inventions of the modern science, we have got a better life than the previous ages. It has changed the way of spending our life. With the changes of the time, we can see so many changes in our personal and professional life. It has made all the things so much easy, comfortable and advanced than the early days of the human civilization. From morning to night, we are using so many gadgets for our daily works.

Not only in our personal life, but also the modern technology has changed our professional life too. We are using so many modern technologies in our professions. It has made us much faster than the previous non-technological ages. In business too, it plays an important role in these days. At the early days, retail business was so much popular among the business owners. But with the changing time, this process has changed into the online business process. The online business process is an easy process of marketing. For this business process, website plays an important role. Through the website, people can know about a company and its products and services towards them. An attractive and good looking website is always helpful for getting more amount of potential customer for the business. Search Engine Optimization is a process where the business owner can get the information about the visitors of his website or web pages. This is a process of affecting the visibility of a website or web pages of a company. This is an organic, unpaid, natural and earned result in search engine page. There are different kinds of searches you will get from this platform. These searches are image search, video search, local search, news search, academic search, industry specific search and so many different searches.

The features of this platform:

This platform is so much important for the online business in these days. This is an effective software program for the betterment of the business. It helps to increase the rank of your website or web pages. There are so many features of this platform which are considered good for the online marketing process. It helps to ensure the control over your page. These features are:

Title tags: This is the most important item of this platform.

Side wide title tag suffix control: This platform is very much useful to set a global suffix for all the title tags.

Friendly URLs: This is so much helpful for gaining the full control over the URLs. The full control of URLs makes it simpler and search engine friendly. It also improves the ability to include keywords and hide parameter classification.

Meta tags: There are different types of Meta tags available in the market. These are Meta description, Meta robot tags, Canonical URLs, Meta keywords. ALT tags on images.

301 Redirect: This feature can be set for both the pages and folders. It helps to control numerous articles.

Head code insertion: This platform helps to allow the easy code insertion.